Coaching w/ Bobbie

~Do you find yourself frustrated within your home staging business?

~Are you unable to “crack the code” at finding just the right agent partners to build your home staging business?

~Do you find yourself at a “loss for words” to describe what you do?

~Do you talk about your business, price your services and provide the same services as your competition?

~Do you find yourself comparing yourself to the competition?

~Do you lack the confidence to fully embrace the identity of being an
expert within the industry?

~Are you an expert?

~Have you been in business for years only to find yourself facing the same
challenges over and over again?

~Have you ever asked yourself if you are truly meant to be a business
owner…you love to stage…but, OY! The paperwork!


If you’ve ever wished you could talk with someone who has navigated these same thoughts, feelings and frustrations but STILL PUSHED THROUGH to create a strong home staging business then you are in the right place.


Bobbie McGrath, having staged and/or consulted in over 8,000 homes since 2004, knows exactly how you feel. For you see, she was you!


When Bobbie first considered starting her business, she had a young family to raise, a husband who traveled with his work, and didn’t want to put her family into debt. After all, she was thinking of starting a staging business in a town where agents would say, “Staging? Oh, you mean you’re one of those gals who’ll come in and clean the place up a bit!” (True story!)

She felt very much alone as she stepped out on faith.

She didn’t have anyone to ask where to begin, what to say, what to focus on first nor a clear idea of what she really was going to offer. And she moved forward, slowly….sometimes agonizingly slowly…feeling her way along as she searched for a way to explain what she was doing,  what her ultimate goals were for her clients, and how much she should charge for her services. Business model? She wasn’t even sure anyone would hire her.

She met with agents. Tried many different ways of getting good results for her clients and even took staging training after being in business for a year. But so much of what was taught didn’t fit her market or what she found worked for her. She still plunged forward trying different techniques always looking for the best way to communicate with her agent partners and her staging clients. It wasn’t until she was well on the other side of her fifth year in business before she felt secure enough to set up a regular salary.

Looking back, what she wouldn’t have given to have someone to talk to who had been through the challenges of building a business while raising a family and providing a service that many agents thought they were already doing for FREE! Why should they pay her?

Well…she did it. And the thing is, through all these years she has paid close attention to what works, why it works and who it works for. She’s created the Occupied Consultation Specialist(R) training program as a way for home stagers to have a strong foundation on which to build their home staging business. For those who take advantage of the Office Hours edition, Bobbie provides weekly group coaching to her OCS students.

For others? Bobbie provides one-to-one coaching for those looking for someone to help them navigate the details of their business. Confidence? Systems? Agent relations? Building your brand? Finding your own voice?

Give Bobbie a call!

One-to-one coaching services:

Single Session….$250/hour
Sometimes you need someone to help you navigate a challenge or two along the way. This is a great option when you want a voice of experience to help you see things in a new way as you seek to overcome and move on.

12 sessions….$3,000 (3 pay option is available) or $2,700 (10% off when paid in full)
This is the “Power Bundle.” When you have goals you want to meet in a focused and concise manner or you want to fast track your business, these 12 sessions can make it happen. Whether you want to meet once a month or once a week you’ll be able to have an experienced ear meet with you as you tick off your goals list.